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Pete Kazanjy (LinkedIn, Twitter) is a serial founder, and seasoned early stage Saas executive, advisor, and investor. Pete founded TalentBin, a category-defining talent search engine and recruiting CRM, which exited to Monster Worldwide in early 2014. Pete currently is the founder of Atrium, makers of data-driven sales management software, author of Founding Sales, the definitive Startup Sales Handbook, and founder of Modern Sales, the nation’s largest sales operations, leadership, and enablement community.

At TalentBin, Pete went from product and product marketing founder generalist, to first sales rep, first sales manager, first VP of Sales, all the way to leading new product sales for 600+ sales reps at Monster worldwide. After Monster, he wrote a book on startup sales for founders and other first-time sellers, Founding Sales, documenting all the mistakes he made along the way, and solutions to them, so future founders can accelerate their go to market acumen.

Pete also founded and runs the canonical invite-only nationwide sales operations and management peer education community (Modern Sales), featuring 30,000+ members from a who’s who of sales operations, enablement, management, and leadership from 10k+ leading sales organization’s.

Additionally, Pete is a well known expert in early stage go to market and “founder selling” - helping organizations figure out their early critical positioning and selling activities. He has done substantial speaking and writing on the topic, including being a frequent contributor to First Round Review and Saleshacker, and advises a number of enterprise software companies on establishing and optimizing their sales and success motions. Press clips here.

Prior to TalentBin, Pete worked in product marketing and product at VMware, having graduated from Stanford in 2002.


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