Startup Sales Decks for Founders

As you can see, my hair is amazing...And yes, this tie is cornflower blue.
I spent ten minutes looking for the douchiest stock photo of a sales presentation I could find. This was the winner.

So my buddy Rick Nucci asked me to take the Sales Decks chapter from Founding Sales and turn it into…wait for it…a deck to present at the Philly Founder Factory event in December.

It was well received, and has been passed around pretty heavily, so I figured I’d put it up here so folks can refer to it as needed.

The goal of the presentation is to provide a helpful framework and examples of what a beginning sales deck could look like for an early stage B2B offering, along with examples from real life sales decks! OMG.

The observation being that there isn’t a lot of documentation out there to help founders and early sales staff in putting together a killer sales presentation…which often leads to some pretty big opportunity costs and errors.

Of course this information shortfall as relates to sales presentations is a sub-case of what inspired the writing of Founding Sales. So if you like this, check out that.


Google Docs version:

Slideshare version:

YouTube video of presentation (with slides cut in on cue):


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